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ControlMate Software

ControlMateOLE™ Software

ControlMateOLE provides an application developer with an ActiveX COM/OLE automation interface for the ControlMate™ device control application. The component enables an application to instantiate an object which can load, modify and execute ControlMate Sequence Files.

Programmatic calls made to ControlMate components do not involve the need to load the ControlMate application into memory.

A very powerful and useful feature of the ControlMateOLE component is the ability to dynamically change and set command field values within a sequence file. This allows the external integration of information such as source values (e.g. aspiration volumes) being extrapolated from databases.

The ControlMateOLE component can be distributed as a required component within the client application. Any component dependencies will be included as part of the application build.
Download Current Release
ControlMateOLE Software version 1.3.9
ControlMateOLE Software User Manual
Refer to the ControlMateOLE software User Manual for complete details on the installation setup, operation, and routine use of the ControlMateOLE module.

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