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ControlMate Software

ControlMateOLE™ Rules Module Software

The ControlMateOLE Rules Module software operates alongside ControlMateOLE software by providing a batch file type processing via a text based rules script file. The script file contains the rules that are to be followed in the event of a pause being reached from within a ControlMate protocol sequence file. The rules entries are not case sensitive.

The application works by running the ControlMate protocol sequence file specified on the first line of the rules file. The protocol file will have a Pause command (or commands) with a wait for user value set. When this command is reached during execution the rules file will be checked as to what to do based on field values as specified by the rule and if a value is matched within a rule the rule action is processed.

There are no limits to the numbers of rules or pause commands that can be processed. The process is also not limited to just Global Values it can use any command value during run time.
Download Current Release
ControlMateOLE Rules Module Software version 1.0.0
ControlMateOLE Rules Module Software User Manual
Refer to the ControlMateOLE software User Manual for complete details on the installation setup, operation, and routine use of the ControlMateOLE module.

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